The Crisis of Redistribution in European Welfare States

Paperback / softback, 240 pages, 250 mm x 170 mm
1 Mar 1988
Trentham Books Ltd

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European welfare states are in crisis. Governments everywhere are trying to restore the financial balance of social budgets, either by cutting benefits or by increasing taxes and contributions, or both. Who, then, will bear the brunt of these adjustments? Can a flexible and equitable solution be achieved? This book examines the redistribution efficiency of European welfare states, above all the income redistribution arising for social benefits (such as family allowances, pension systems, healthcare and unemployment compensation) and the taxes or contributions which finance them.
However, the present crisis is also political inasmuch as European societies, more aware of the price to be paid for more protection and social equality, are asking "how egalitarian a society do we want or can we afford?"

After a discussion of the basic issues involved, five empirical studies analyse the redistributive effects of social security in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary, the Netherlands and France; and the final chapter assesses the outlook for redistributive efficiency in Europe.

  • Jean-Pierre Jallade