Real Players?

Drama, Technology and Education

Paperback / softback, 208 pages, 244 mm x 168 mm
1 Apr 2006
Trentham Books Ltd

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Educational drama is being transformed by the technology of our screen-mediated world. The everyday use of computers, mobile phones, videogames and television is changing young people's perceptions of what drama is and how it works. "Real Players" brings together the performance world of educational drama and the real world digital environment of internet, DVD, cell phones, and multi player gaming young people inhabit today. Case studies in primary and secondary schools are drawn from North America, Europe and Australia. They illustrate the dramatic conventions drama teachers can bring to using interactive and online performance in their classrooms. Role-based performance spaces are developed to critique these technologies and develop electronic literacy through dramatic action. Teachers and others working in drama will find this exploration of a new dimension of drama compelling and professionally enriching. The book will also be of interest to teachers of ICT.

  • David Cameron

  • John Carroll

  • Michael Anderson

'This book provides a wealth of thought provoking ideas ....some wonderfully imaginative ideas and case studies'

, Speaking English

'This book offers a new approach, which invites the practitioner in the classroom to come to terms with digital technology, embrace it and to develop the practice further.'

, Journal for Drama in Education

'Rich with cues, information on innovative activities, bibliographical references, and intriguing ideas'.

, British Journal of Educational Technology