Early Childhoods in a Changing World

Paperback / softback, 188 pages, 244 mm x 170 mm
31 May 2010
Trentham Books Ltd

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How is the nature of childhood changing? What challenges do children face as they grow up? This book enriches our understanding of what it means to be a child today. It examines: the impact of new technologies, policy, and early education; poverty, changing family circumstances and living in care; and case studies of childhood in certain African countries, the UK, the US, Australia, and, Western and Eastern Europe. The contributors come from across the globe and each reflects on the nature of childhood from their personal perspective and what they see happening around them. They are Jennifer M. Bowes, Eileen Carmichael, Philomena Donnelly, Eve Gregory, Mary James, Foster Kholowa, Sian Wyn Siencyn, Allison Tatton, Glenda Walsh, and Lynne Williamson and Fatuma Ahmed.

  • Margaret M. Clark

  • Stanley Tucker

Chapter 1 - Introduction: themes and Issues - Margaret M Clark and Stanley Tucker Section I - Changes and Transitions Chapter 2 - Icelandic Parents' Views on Playschool Education and the Transition to Primary School - Johanna Einarsdottir Chapter 3 - Starting School in Ireland: the experience of young children from the refugee community - Philomena Donnelly Chapter 4 - The Role of Siblings and Grandparents in the Lives of New Londoners - Eve Gregory Section II - The Changing Nature of Social Isolation Chapter 5 - The challenges for Children Experiencing Rural Poverty in Wales - Sian Wyn Siencyn Chapter 6 - Isolation and Inclusion in Australian Early Childhood Settings - Jennifer Bowes, Kerry Hodge and Rebekah Grace Chapter 7 - Growing up in Rural Malawi: dilemas of childhood - Foster Kholowa and Sue Ellis Chapter 8 - Childhood in the World of AIDS in South Africa - Mary James Section III - Changing Generations Chapter 9 - War and Peace in Northern Ireland: childhood in transition - Glenda Walsh and Dorothy McMillan Chapter 10 - Romanian Childhoods: continuity and change through intergenerational lenses - Horatiu Rusu and Anca Bejenaru Chapter 11 - Weaving a New Life: a Somali family's resettlement in urban America - Lynne Williamson Section IV - Who Cares? Chapter 12 - The Changing Face of Care for Looked After Children in England - Allison Tatton Chapter 13 - Integrated Care Strategies and Their Impact on Family Life in Glasgow: parents and children together - Eileen Carmichael Section V - Challenges and Changes Chapter 14 - Digital Technologies at Home: the experiences of 3- and 4- year olds in Scotland - Christine Stephen, Joanna McPake and Lydia Plowman Chapter 15 - A Voice in Decision Making: young children in Denmark - Stig Brostrom Chapter 16 - Issues for the Present and Issues for the Future - Margaret M Clark and Stanley Tucker

...Informative, diverse and stimulating. I particularly appreciated the use of current theory about social construction as a basis for challenging the simplistic concepts of childhood... a very worthwhile contribution to the literature on the global perspectives of childhood.

, Pastoral Care in Education

"This interesting, well-structured and insightful book challenges the reader to think much more broadly about the many influences, social, economic and cultural, that affect young children's lives and define their experience of childhood. The subject matter is thought-provoking but the style is refreshingly easy to read... This is an authoritative and stimulating insight into what shapes children's lives that all early years practitioners can learn from and enjoy."

, Early Years Update