Eco-Literacy for Primary Schools

Paperback / softback, 128 pages, 244 mm x 168 mm
1 Apr 2004
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £16.99

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Written in non-academic language, this work demystifies concepts relating to ecology and sustainable development at a time when these ideas are being introduced into the primary school curriculum. It provides a wide range of illustrative examples which reflect the everyday experiences of teachers and children. This book is organized around the questions that teachers are likely to need answered, arranged in three main sections: what is eco-literacy? why teach it? how does it fit into what we do now?; connections, cycles in nature, renewable energy, ethical issues; convincing others, using without using up, human need and human greed, money, the six Rs. By embracing important social, scientific, economic and political ideas from the rest of the curriculum, this book shows how eco-literacy can be promoted through the existing curriculum structure, linking science, citizenship, geography, health education, literacy and ICT.

  • Alan Peacock

A welcome and much-needed educational resource with a refreshing new approach.

, Primary Science Review

The voices of teachers, researchers and children from across the new Europe are compelling, and allow us to rethink our current understandings of important issues. Everyone will find something of interest here and it is to Trentham's great credit that they make such fascinating volumes available.

, Educational Review