New Directions for Education in China

Paperback / softback, 232 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
15 Nov 2014
Institute of Education Press

Price: £24.99

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As the numbers of Chinese postgraduate students continues to grow in universities around the world, issues relating to Chinese education are becoming of world-wide interest. The present book is a contribution to this widening interest and to debates within the field.

Most chapters are the work of contemporary Chinese scholars pioneering distinctive ways of examining the complex social reality of the Chinese educational scene. Others result from collaboration between Chinese and British academics, demonstrating the potential for intercultural research, much of which has been brought about by the Chinese Educational Research Association (CERA), based at the Institute of Education, University of London. This book stands as an expression of the positive benefits of international collaboration in research, something the editors and contributors are committed to expanding for the future.

With chapters on topics ranging from English-language learning and education among the Chinese diaspora to professional development and the role of the state in Chinese education, the book demonstrates a commitment to a multidisciplinary approach, and will act as a practical and critical resource for researchers, especially those undertaking doctoral studies and their tutors.

  • Steven Cowan

    Steven Cowan is a Lecturer in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Institute of Education, University of London.

  • Tinghe Jin

    Tinghe Jin is founding president of the Chinese Educational Research Association, and is currently a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Education, University of London.

  • Lucia Johnstone Cowan

    Lucia Johnstone Cowan is a professional proofreader and editor, and prepared this book for submission to the publisher.

  • Zimeng Pan

    Zimeng Pan gained her PhD at the Institute of Education, University of London, and her research expertise is in World Englishes, intercultural communication, language ideologies, and TESOL.

CONTENTS: Foreword by Geoff Whitty; Introduction: Setting out in new directions; 1. State ideologies of English education in China; 2. The role and status of native English-speaking teachers working in Chinese universities; 3. I’m not as good at maths as a Chinese pupil should be: Academic achievement and cultural identities of British Chinese young people; 4. Reclaiming humanities for ‘human sciences’: What can we achieve through a life story of working-class students at elite universities? 5. The themes and paradigms of educational research in Beijing Normal University; 6. How language learners change in the digital age: The case of Chinese undergraduates; 7. From ‘being’ to ‘becoming’: Issues and suggestions for continuing professional development in a middle school in China; 8. Huadi Experimental Middle School: Can attempts at reform succeed? 9. Networked young citizens and citizenship education in the digital age: A virtual ethnographic research into Chinese university students’ civic learning via cyber civic participation; 10. Research bibliography; Index.

'We welcome a book such as this because it reveals the range of exciting research that is currently being undertaken by Chinese scholars working in the field of education studies. These studies illustrate well the potential that exists for further research across the field. It will be a valuable reference work for postgraduate students as well as their tutors and can offer examples for proposed future studies of Chinese education.'

Professor Fuxing Liu, Beijing Normal University and Vice President of Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou

'This exciting volume certainly lives up to its title with a wide range of new research and an ambitious agenda of work for the future. A splendid and absolutely indispensable resource for students, lecturers and researchers alike – the research bibliography is extremely impressive, as is the collection as a whole.'

Gary McCulloch, Brian Simon Professor of History of Education, Institute of Education London.

'This is a very meaningful and enlightening book. Not only does it explore new directions in education in China as the title suggests, but the collection of chapters from different authors also provides an important window for readers to understand the width and depth of exchange and collaboration between China and the UK in education research.'

Lianghuo Fan, Professor in Education, University of Southampton