Confronting Islamophobia in Educational Practice

Paperback / softback, 224 pages, 228 mm x 145 mm
1 Sep 2004
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £21.99

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How is the educational community across the world coming to grips with increased societal hostility towards Islam as a belief system and towards their Muslim populations? This book examines the issue of Islamophobia, the fear of Islam, from multiple perspectives. Background and academic articles contextualize this phenomenon, with the main thrust of the book being on educational practice. The contributors from the US, Europe, Australia and Israel show how schools, teachers, and students are coping with the stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination that are building up against Islam and its followers. This timely and important book will appeal to academic readers seeking a theoretical and historical approach to the issue and particularly to teachers, educational and community leaders who are looking for methods to address the Islamophobia they encounter in their classrooms and schools.

  • Barry Van Driel

"...the state of affairs in many nations and offers strategies to combat the harmful words, actions, decisions, policies, and cultures of Islamophobia. These strategies and countermeasures are not only for teachers and their students, but also for schools as a whole, for local education agencies, and even local and national governments. Mutlicultural Review..."


"...widely relevant and nuanced in its understanding of the wider social issues surrounding Islamophobia in education."

, The Muslim World Book Reviews