Homing in

Practical Resource for Religious Education

Paperback / softback, 164 pages, 297 mm x 210 mm
1 May 1998
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £14.99

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This is a new approach to religious education in the primary years for teachers wanting to enrich children's experience in pretend areas, or home corners. The book offers teachers opportunities to explore the ways that families express their religious faith. It integrates several National Curriculum subjects and enables children to enter imaginatively into a coherent way of life, and appreciate the significance of a faith's most cherished objects. The objects, modelled on genuine religious artefacts are a flexible resource for extending and enlivening topic work. All can be made by adults with basic craft skills, and the children can make many themselves. The approach stimulates achievement of literacy and awareness of linguistic diversity. It supports a wide range of language learning in the negotiation of home situations and the communication of deep levels of meaning. Angela Wood is the co-author of "Inside Stories" and "Silent Voices".

  • Angela Wood

  • Jane Oxley

  • Lesley Prior

  • Pauline Sims

  • Mike Kelly