Juggling Higher Education Study and Family Life

Paperback / softback, 140 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
24 Apr 2017
Trentham Books

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Women with families face particular challenges when they undertake Higher Education. Questions arise about coping with the demands of study, new family routines, and the changed identity when mother becomes student: Can I manage it all? How will my family react? Will they give me the time and support I need?

The author, herself a mother and lecturer when she completed her postgraduate studies, draws on the stories of the women in her study as they negotiate support from their partners and families. Applying theoretical perspectives, she suggests practical and effective strategies for combining study and family life. This book is a valuable guide for women in similar situations, and will enhance the understanding of tutors, lecturers and policymakers.

  • Louise Webber

    Dr Louise Webber is lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at Plymouth University’s Institute of Education.

CONTENTS: Betty’s story; Introduction; 1. Context: Background to mature women juggling HE study and family life; 2. Introducing the women and the research methods; 3. The importance of being a good mum; 4. Changing concepts of self; 5. ‘It’s changed everyone’s life’; 6. Effects on wider relationships; 7. Juggling time and feeling guilty; 8. Gaining family capital: ‘I could not have done it without my family’; Concluding Remarks; References; Index

'Drawing on research and personal experience, this is a valuable guide for women who want to return to Higher Education but need to juggle this with family life. It provides practical strategies for success and also shows how such women bring tremendous reserves of knowledge and experience with them, making an invaluable contribution to the learning environments of universities and colleges.'

Jocey Quinn,

'This short yet rich book is easily accessible and avoids jargon. The inspirational voices of the case studies illuminate the power of education to transform learners lives and their communities.'

Dr Vicky Duckworth,