Learning for a Co-operative World

Education, social change and the Co-operative College

Paperback / softback, 204 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
17 Jun 2019
Trentham Books

Price: £24.99

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Learning for a Co-operative World traces the remarkable growth of co-operative education over the decades and critically evaluates its forms today, the implications for formal and informal learning, and its potential for the future. It considers key elements of co-operative education and learning across the age range and in diverse national and international settings.

Chapters describe models of learning in, by and for co-operatives, based upon the values and principles of the movement, namely: democracy and solidarity, equality and equity, self-help and self-responsibility. Co-operative values and principles have also been applied to over 600 co-operative schools and inform the movement for co-operative higher education. The book celebrates the centenary in 2019 of the Co-operative College, which has played a leading role in the development of co-operative education and is working towards a cooperative university.

  • Tom Woodin

    Dr Tom Woodin is Reader in the Social History of Education at the UCL Institute of Education.

  • Linda Shaw

    Dr Linda Shaw is a former Vice Principal at the Co-operative College in Manchester.

CONTENTS: Foreword, by Simon Parkinson; Introduction, by Tom Woodin and Linda Shaw; PART 1 LEARNING FROM THE PAST: 1. The character of co-operation: Reflections on education and co-operative learning, by Keith Crome and Patrick O’Connor; 2. Recovering co-operative educational traditions, by Tom Woodin; 3. The Co-operative College and co-operative education internationally, by Linda Shaw; 4. ‘O Pioneers’: Presentation and meaning in the work of the Co-operative Heritage Trust, by Liz McIvor; PART 2 LEARNING FROM CONTEMPORARY PRACTICE: 5. Leadership in co-operatives, by Michael L. Cook; 6. The nature, purpose and place of co-operative education in new times: Learning to know, do, be and live together, by Cilla Ross; 7. Building sustainable co-operatives: Education and co-operative development practice, by Linda Shaw; PART 3 LEARNING FROM NEW PRACTICES: 8. On platforms for co-operative knowledge production, by Richard Hall; 9. Co-operative social entrepreneurship: Reflections on a decade embedding co-operative studies in social enterprise courses, by Rory Ridley-Duff; 10. Reimagining education policy: Co-operative schools and the social solidarity alternative, by Deborah Ralls; 11. The co-operative university now!, by Mike Neary and Joss Winn; Index.