Learning for a Co-operative World

Education, social change and the Co-operative College

Paperback / softback, 204 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
17 Jun 2019
Trentham Books

Price: £24.99

Learning for a Co-operative World traces the remarkable growth of co-operative education over the decades and critically evaluates its forms today, the implications for formal and informal learning, and its potential for the future. It considers key elements of co-operative education and learning across the age range and in diverse national and international settings.

Chapters describe models of learning in, by and for co-operatives, based on the values and principles of the movement: democracy and solidarity, equality and equity, self-help and self-responsibility. Co-operative values and principles have also been applied to over 600 co-operative schools and inform the movement for co-operative higher education. The book celebrates the centenary in 2019 of the Co-operative College, which has played a leading role in the development of co-operative education and is working towards a co-operative university.

  • Tom Woodin

    Dr Tom Woodin is Reader in the Social History of Education at the UCL Institute of Education.

  • Linda Shaw

    Dr Linda Shaw is a former Vice Principal at the Co-operative College in Manchester.

CONTENTS: Foreword, by Simon Parkinson; Introduction, by Tom Woodin and Linda Shaw; PART 1 LEARNING FROM THE PAST: 1. The character of co-operation: Reflections on education and co-operative learning, by Keith Crome and Patrick O’Connor; 2. Recovering co-operative educational traditions, by Tom Woodin; 3. The Co-operative College and co-operative education internationally, by Linda Shaw; 4. ‘O Pioneers’: Presentation and meaning in the work of the Co-operative Heritage Trust, by Liz McIvor; PART 2 LEARNING FROM CONTEMPORARY PRACTICE: 5. Leadership in co-operatives, by Michael L. Cook; 6. The nature, purpose and place of co-operative education in new times: Learning to know, do, be and live together, by Cilla Ross; 7. Building sustainable co-operatives: Education and co-operative development practice, by Linda Shaw; PART 3 LEARNING FROM NEW PRACTICES: 8. On platforms for co-operative knowledge production, by Richard Hall; 9. Co-operative social entrepreneurship: Reflections on a decade embedding co-operative studies in social enterprise courses, by Rory Ridley-Duff; 10. Reimagining education policy: Co-operative schools and the social solidarity alternative, by Deborah Ralls; 11. The co-operative university now!, by Mike Neary and Joss Winn; Index.

'[A] very timely, ...valuable volume of contemporary thinking of how co-operation contributes to the world of education.'

Nick Matthews, Coop News

'This book clearly demonstrates the powerful contribution that co-operative education can make to addressing the major challenges facing the world today. It is a treasury of exciting ideas, historical examples and emerging possibilities and should be read by everyone with an interest in developing education that is adequate to our present interesting times.'

Keri Facer, Professor of Educational and Social Futures, University of Bristol and Zennström Chair in Climate Change Leadership, University of Uppsala

'The centenary of the UK's Co-operative College in 2019 offers an opportunity for reflection on the legacy and potential of co-operative education. Drawing on examples from the UK and beyond, the eleven essays in this book demonstrate rich diversity in ideas about co-operative education, ranging from practical training to the application of co-operative principles to schools and universities. The book offers stimulating contributions to debates about education, management, democracy and the role of co-operatives in our society.'

Professor Mary Hilson, School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University