Accelerated Leadership Development

Fast tracking school leaders

Paperback / softback, 122 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
24 Sep 2010
Institute of Education

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Accelerated Leadership Development captures and communicates the lessons learnt from successful fast-track leadership programmes in the private and public sector, and provides a model which schools can follow and customise as they plan their own leadership development strategies. As large numbers of headteachers and other senior staff retire, the book illustrates practical ways in which school leadership teams can face the growing challenge of talent management. The book outlines the most effective fast-track leadership initiatives and discusses ways of identifying and retaining high-potential staff in school settings. It also examines the possible consequences and implications of talent identification and succession planning, while simultaneously considering the risks and challenges these schemes raise for schools and the wider education system. The book goes on to provide detailed descriptions of two fast-track education leadership programmes run in England and illustrates how a range of organisations from outside the education sector and from different countries, run accelerated, fast-track and high-potential leadership schemes. Accelerated Leadership Development is essential reading for all school leadership teams and school governing bodies and will be an invaluable resource for academics and researchers working in the fields of leadership and school management.

  • Peter Earley

    Professor Peter Earley is Director of Academic Affairs and Professor of Education Leadership and Management at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning, Institute of Education, University of London

  • Jeff Jones

    Jeff Jones is Principal Consultant at CfBT Education Trust

    Principal Consultant

    CfBT Education Trust

1 Introduction: Why accelerated leadership development and why now?
2 Accelerated leadership development: Theory and concepts
3 Accelerated leadership development: Approaches and methods
4 High potential programmes: Examples from the private and public sectors
5 Accelerating the development of school staff
6 Accelerated leadership development in schools: Fast-track teachers
7 Accelerated leadership development in schools: Future Leaders
8 A fast-track leadership development strategy for schools
9 The challenge of fast tracking
10 Conclusion

Policy-makers and senior practitioners will find much of value in this book, as they consider how to develop new school leaders.

Tony Bush, Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Warwick

Earley and Jones have focused their insightful and substantive attention on a topic that is highly relevant to both a UK and an international audience.

Gary M. Crow, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Indiana University

...provides schools with the tools to ensure that they can successfully develop tomorrow's senior leaders so they are able to lead teaching and learning for the benefit of all young people in the future.

Robin Newman, Deputy Headteacher, Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form

Accelerated leadership development is a highly controversial issue, often generating more heat than light. Now, in this concise volume, we have an essential comprehensive guide which combines rigorous exploration of the concept, detailed examples from the public and private sector, cogent analysis of two major national education programmes and a practical strategy that schools can follow. What I read a book like this I ask the fundamental question – can I use and apply it in my work? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’. Leadership talent spotting must be seen by schools, consortia and local authorities as a priority. This book gives them the means of doing this which is both professionally credible and practically compelling.

Graham Handscomb, Senior Manager, Essex County Council

This publication fills a niche that is evident in schools (and other educational institutions) internationally... It is a book of wide professional appeal.

Jackie Walkington, Director,

This book provides a wide-ranging and thorough examination of the theory and practice of accelerated leadership development both in schools and in the wider public and private sectors - for those of us involved in designing and delivering such programmes, it's a 'must-have'.

Heath Monk, Chief Executive Officer, Future Leaders

The book identifies the success of 'fast track' programmes, and lessons that can be learned from them. It will help to identify the key features of staff demonstrating high leadership potential, and is an essential read for anyone concerned with identifying likely future organisational leaders.

Alex Clark, Headteacher, Atwood Primary School, Headteacher Update