Educational Resource Management

An international perspective

Paperback / softback, 222 pages, 210 mm x 148 mm
1 Nov 2007
Institute of Education

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Evaluation of school and college leadership programmes shows that leaders and managers often need better understanding of the management of financial and real resources. Educational Resource Management provides a summary of the main issues, an application of these to the real-world situations in which leaders work, and a framework for the operation of effective systems in schools and colleges. Examples are drawn from a wide range of countries – from the authors’ own observations, practitioner experiences and publications. The book opens with an overview of educational resource management and the public and private provision of educational facilities. It then looks at the criteria by which the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of educational resource may be judged. Further chapters cover cost structures, budgets and asset management, providing an opportunity to demonstrate aspects of financial and resource decision-making in educational organisations. The book concludes with a review of current tensions in resource management in education and some pointers to further study.

  • Derek Glover

    At the time of publication, Derek Glover was Honorary Professor at Keele University and Associate of the Institute of Education, University of London.

  • Rosalind Levacic

    Rosalind Levacic is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Finance of Education at the Institute of Education, University of London.

1 Educational organisations and their environment
2 Funding education – public and private systems
3 The allocation of public finance to education
4 Cost structures in education
5 The allocation of resources within an educational organisation
6 Budget preparation
7 Financial control and monitoring
8 Evaluating the use of the budget
9 Asset management and capital expenditure
10 Conclusions is useful as a reference book and could grace the shelf of any educational manager.

Jon F. Baldwin, Times Higher Education