Effective Practices in Continuing Professional Development

Lessons from schools

Paperback / softback, 168 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
1 Nov 2009
Institute of Education

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Effective Practices in Continuing Professional Development presents case studies of schools' journeys towards effective CPD practice as part of a TDA national project. It tells the story of the goals set and achieved, and the challenges and successes along the way. Each case study makes specific reference to the nine factors or approaches to CPD identified in the book as underpinning effective practice. This includes how a clarity of purpose was established at the outset of CPD activity and how the London Centre for Leadership in Learning's clear and rigorous impact evaluation framework supported and challenged projects to develop their thinking and practice. All of this is contextualised within the wider literature about the successful leadership of CPD and the effective practice of school workforce development. The editors introduce why effective CPD matters, and conclude with the lessons learnt and ways forward. Among the many cases provided by leaders in this field, Sara Bubb writes how coaching in a special school was used to make teachers and support staff feel more valued. John Tandy describes how primary school heads came together with the Local Authority to jointly develop a Leadership Charter that was a summary of effective leadership practice in the Borough. The book will interest practitioners and professionals who design and develop CPD opportunities and practice within all sectors of education, as well as all working within the strategic leadership of CPD. It also complements the TDA's national development programme for the leadership of CPD by showing how the strategic implications of the nine CPD approaches identified can improve the overall quality and impact of professional development and so enhance the learning for all children and young people.

  • Peter Earley

    Peter Earley is a Professor of Educational Leadership and Management at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the Institute of Education, University of London. His central research interest is leadership and professional development and he has recently completed studies of accelerated leadership development programmes and an evaluation of the National Professional Qualification for Headship pilot programme.

  • Vivienne Porritt

    Vivienne Porritt is Executive Director for the London Centre for Leadership in Learning, Institute of Education, University of London. She sees the continuing professional development of all colleagues as central to achieving improvement, working with schools, local authorities and national agencies to support a coherent approach to CPD.

  • Liz Francis

    Liz Francis taught in London schools for five years prior to working for 14 years in a number of government agencies including the QCA where she worked on public examinations and 14-19 policy. Liz left QCA to work for Suffolk LA as a senior adviser during which time she also worked as an Ofsted inspector. She is currently Director of Workforce Strategy at the Training and Development Agency for Schools.

  • Sara Bubb

    Sara Bubb has an international reputation in staff development and new teacher induction. As well as being a senior lecturer at the Institute of Education, University of London, she is England’s advanced Skills Teacher network leader and was the TES new teacher expert. She is directing the DCSF research project on outward-facing schools.

  • Steve Illingworth

    Steve Illingworth is a Secondary Strategy Teaching and Learning Consultant for a Local Authority in the North West of England. For most of the period covered in this study he was Acting Secondary Strategy Manager for the LA. In both of these roles, he has supported several of the borough’s secondary schools with the development of their coaching programmes.

  • Steve Lloyd

    Steve Lloyd has over 30 years experience in schools and higher education (HE) in the UK. This included being a deputy headteacher and acting head in two secondary schools. Whilst in HE he led a number of collaborative learning development projects. He is currently Director of the Networked Learning Partnership Ltd.

  • Margaret Mulholland

    Margaret Mulholland is an educational consultant with 15 years’ experience in Initial Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development. Her work is primarily involved in developing, supporting and linking effective practices across London schools, leveraging her extended connections with London school leadership.

  • John Tandy

    John Tandy worked as a regional CPD Adviser for the DfES and subsequently the TDA, raising awareness of effective CPD practices and developing partnerships in the North West. He now works as a consultant with a Local Authority on school workforce issues, working with CPD leaders and teachers in the early years of their careers as well as the wider school workforce.

  • Carol Taylor

    Carol Taylor is CPD Project Leader at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the Institute of Education, University of London. She is currently working with CPD leaders and has been involved in the national TDA projects looking at effective professional development practices. Her background is school senior leadership teams and a particular focus of her current work is developing an innovative and inclusive approach to performance management and impact evaluation.

Foreword by Liz Francis
Part 1: Effective Practices in CPD project
1 Introduction by Peter Earley and Vivienne Porritt
Part 2: Case studies of practice
2 Developing teaching and learning by Carol Taylor
3 Engaging teachers in action research by Sara Bubb
4 The impact of extended provision by John Tandy
5 Coaching to improve teaching and learning and to develop leadership capacity by Vivienne Porritt
6 Developing coaching as an effective method of CPD by Steve Illingworth
7 Coaching in a special school: making teachers and support staff feel more valued by Sara Bubb
8 Motivating with Maths by Margaret Mulholland
9 Professional development for early career teachers and support staff: evaluating impact by Sara Bubb
10 DIY CPD: a system for professional learning for all staff by Steve Lloyd
11 Growing together: leadership of learning in a local authority by John Tandy
Part 3: Concluding comments
12 Conclusion by Vivienne Porritt and Peter Earley

Peter Earley and Vivienne Porritt have the eyes to see and the skills to describe vividly and compellingly outstanding Continuing Professional Development (CPD) practice. In doing so, they increase the likelihood of ensuring that schools get the best out of staff and that staff get the best out of school. Here they assemble and describe ideas that every school will find invaluable: a 'must have' for the school library.

Professor Tim Brighouse, former Chief Adviser for London Schools and previously Chief Education Officer for Birmingham and Oxfordshire,

This book is a really useful tool that colleagues, who are at different stages of developing their professional learning offer, can use for themselves, the teams they work in and the organisations they are part of. It helps them to celebrate all the hard work that is currently happening in the area of professional learning for the whole school workforce or as a stimulus to help probe personal thinking about how Headteachers/CPD leaders can move professional learning forward in their own school or organisation.

Rebekah Iiyambo, Headteacher, Kaizen Primary School

It will be immensely valuable for teachers, school leaders and others who have an involvement in professional development in education and illustrates well how CPD can provide the basis for all students to receive the best and most effective learning opportunities.

Professor Ken Jones, Editor, Professional Development in Education

Whatever school setting you may be teaching in, or whatever stage of CPD development you have reached, you will find this book a valuable resource.

Tessa Brown, London Borough of Newham