Headship and beyond

The motivation and development of school leaders

Paperback / softback, 34 pages, 210 mm x 148 mm
1 Oct 2006
Institute of Education

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An Inaugural Professorial Lecture

How do we ensure we have highly capable and motivated school leaders? Should headteachers be concerned about their own development and performance as well as that of their colleagues? What typically happens to headteachers in terms of their organisational and professional socialisation – their career development, their motivation, their workplace performance and so on? In this lecture Peter Earley explores life in headship and beyond. He examines the stages of headship, in particular the disenchantment or plateau stage. He discusses the developmental opportunities currently available to heads and argues that greater attention needs to be paid to issues of performance, motivation and wellbeing of school leaders.

  • Peter Earley

    At the time of publication, Peter Earley was Professor in Educational Leadership and Management at the Institute of Education, University of London. Currently, he is Director of Academic Affairs and Head of Leadership & Management at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning.