Transforming the Ivory Tower

Models for gender equality and social justice

Paperback / softback, 136 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
22 Jun 2020
Trentham Books

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A sequel to 'Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of women of colour surviving and thriving in British academia' (2017).

These research case studies by Black women academics describe the transformative work of contributors to the Ivory Tower project, adding intersectional voices from the United States, Canada and Australia, and LGBTQ perspectives. Privileging their lived experience, intellectual, social and cultural capital, they recount the self-defined pathways for social justice developed by women of colour.

Drawing on critical race theory and Black feminism, the authors navigate challenging spaces to create meaningful roles in addressing race and gender disparities that range from invisibility in the academy to tackling female genital mutilation. Their research and practice, so often unacknowledged, is shown to be transforming teaching, research, professional and community practice within and beyond the academy.

  • Deborah Gabriel

    Deborah Gabriel is Academic/Consultant in race, media and educational equity and Founder of Black British Academics.

CONTENTS: Introduction, by Deborah Gabriel; PART ONE: AUTOETHNOGRAPHIES ON TRANSFORMATIONAL SCHOLAR ACTIVISM: 1. Teaching to transgress through 3D Pedagogy: Decolonising, democratising and diversifying the higher education curriculum, by Deborah Gabriel; 2. Building the antiracist classroom: How the collective makes the radical possible, by Deborah N. Brewis, Sadhvi Dar, Angela Martinez Dy, Helena Liu, Udeni Salmon on behalf of Building the Antiracist Classroom (BARC) Collective; 3. Addressing barriers to STEM for young Black women through mentoring, by Elizabeth Opara; 4. Emancipatory research with Black African women on FGM policy, by Ima Jackson; 5. Tackling racism and racial inequality in social work education and practice, by Josephine Kwhali; 6. Critical reflections on transforming the Ivory Tower and beyond, by Deborah Gabriel, Deborah N. Brewis, Sadhvi Dar, Angela Martinez Dy, Helena Liu, Udeni Salmon, Elizabeth Opara, Ima Jackson, Josephine Kwhali; PART TWO: PARTICIPATORY WITNESSING: IN CONVERSATION WITH MY SISTERS: 7. Decoloniality and intersectional feminism: In conversation with Shirley Anne Tate, by Deborah Gabriel; 8. Disrupting Whiteness in higher education through Teaching Within: In conversation with Aisha Richards, by Deborah Gabriel; 9. The power of story: Leading conversations of inclusion, equity and justice through community engagement: In conversation with Virginia Cumberbatch, by Deborah Gabriel; 10. Critical reflections on transforming the Ivory Tower and beyond, by Shirley Anne Tate, Aisha Richards, Virginia Cumberbatch; Conclusion, by Deborah Gabriel; Index

‘This groundbreaking collection illuminates black women’s perspectives on how they navigate the intersections of whiteness and masculinities in challenging and hostile university environments and transform the ‘Ivory Tower’, imagining teaching, research and community engagement in new ways. It offers powerful and internationally diverse autoethnographic and theoretical insights into how it is possible collaboratively to produce meaningful change in the direction of social justice. In a period marked by burgeoning recognition of how universities perpetuate social inequalities, it constitutes an invaluable resource.’

Ann Phoenix, Professor of Psychosocial Studies, Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education

‘Drawing on the lived experiences of Black women at the forefront of transforming academic practice, 'Transforming the Ivory Tower' suggests that decolonisation and privilege are central in the pursuit for social justice in higher education and beyond. Deborah Gabriel’s important collection exposes the deeply entrenched inequalities in academia, whilst also serving as a critical source of inspiration and solidarity.’

Professor Sarita Malik, Brunel University London