Research Methodologies for Drama Education

Paperback / softback, 200 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
1 May 2005
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £19.99

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Drama education has been lacking a research methodology. This much needed text provides models constructed by leading researchers in the field and presented at the International Drama in Education Research Institute Conference in 2004. Each chapter describes a different research methodology, explains how it was applied to the practice and outlines how teachers and other researchers can employ it in their own contexts. Led by the editor's chapter on the context of research, the contributions include: The Process of Institute Research Stations by Philip Taylor; The Reflective Practitioner by Jonothan Neelands; Critical Ethnography by Kathleen Gallagher; Narrative Inquiry by Bellarie Zatzman; A case study by Joe Winston; Performance Ethnography by Jane Bacon; Post-structuralist Deconstruction by Ian McCormick; Feminist Methodology by Sharon Grady; The book will be essential reading for research students and teachers because it provides models and approaches that connect with the immediacy of their practice.

  • Judith Ackroyd

CONTENTS: Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Power and privilege: Re-envisioning the qualitative research lens; 2. Re-imagining the reflective practitioner: Towards a philosophy of critical praxis; 3. Researching through case study; 4. (Post) critical ethnography in drama research; 5. Feminist methodology: Researching as if gender and social power really mattered; 6. Narrative inquiry: Postcards from Northampton; 7. The feeling of the experience: A methodology for performance ethnography; 8. Poststructuralist 'methodology'; Index.

"The book contains many useful and leading-edge discussions on a range of research methodologies of interest to anyone with an appetite for qualitative theory and practice and it holds added value for those with a commitment to arts education and arts research... Ultimately... I suggest that the appeal of Research Methodologies For Drama Education is likely to be much wider than to those simply in the fields of drama education or theatre and will be of value and interest to broader interdisciplinary groups, including those in the educational action research community."

Ruth Leitch, Educational Action Research, 15:3, 489-497