Dynamic Digital Technologies for Dynamic Mathematics: Executive Summary

Implications for teachers’ knowledge and practice

Paperback / softback, 122 pages, 297 mm x 210 mm
4 Sep 2017

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This report summarises the outcomes of the Nuffield Foundation funded 2014–17 project ‘Developing teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching and classroom use of technology through engagement with key mathematical concepts using dynamic digital technology’. The Nuffield Foundation is an endowed charitable trust that aims to improve social well-being in the widest sense. It funds research and innovation in education and social policy and also works to build capacity in education, science and social science research.

The full Final Report is available as a separate publication, ISBN 9781782772217.

  • Alison Clark-Wilson

    Alison Clark-Wilson is a Principal Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Education.

  • Celia Hoyles

    Dame Celia Hoyles is Professor of Mathematics Education at the UCL Institute of Education.

CONTENTS: Executive summary; Main Report: 1. Introduction; 2. Main findings; 3. The design features of the professional development toolkit; 4. Discussion; 5. Implications for Policy and Practice; 6. References; Appendices.