Multiple Factors

Classroom Mathematics for Equality and Justice

Paperback / softback, 320 pages, 210 mm x 148 mm
1 Jun 1991
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £19.99

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This book illustrates how current teaching methodology and school management and the bias in existing textbooks can and often does disadvantage black, working class and girl students, and how often this might be changed. The authors have gathered their mathematics from sources across the world and from a multiplicity of disciplines: from global statistics, from architectural principles and from art forms. They will keep students and their teachers fascinated, motivated and learning the mathematics that our technological age - and the national curriculum - demands. For in maths lessons the students are the Multiple Factors in the equation of the world's economy, resources and growth.

  • Sharan-Jeet Shan

  • Peter Bailey

"The authors cogently argue that a multicultural and a (subsequent) antiracist approach in school mathematics improves the learning of all pupils, not just black pupils."

, British Educational Research Journal

"It includes a devastating critique of the stereotypical examples in a number of today's maths schemes: charts of temperatures only for cities in the white-dominated world: café menus for only British food; holidays spent only in Europe; This ingenious and varied book will help those planning their school curriculum to ensure that a mathematics course is indeed 'about something' as well as about teaching mathematics."

Michael Marland, Education Guardian