Becoming NEET

Risks, rewards, and realities

Paperback / softback, 176 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
1 Jul 2013
Trentham Books

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Over one million young people are now NEET - Not in Education, Employment, or Training. The waste of human resource is tragic and the resultant disaffection could dangerously destabilise society. This book describes the challenges and risks for young people within the NEET category, and the chaotic and confusing lives some young people lead, which increase vulnerability to becoming NEET.

In a unique collaboration, a Local Authority Educational Psychologist and a Connexions Personal Adviser examine the histories of employment and childhood to reveal the context of NEET. They describe how information about children’s lives can be used to develop screening tools to facilitate early intervention in schools.

The five case studies presented are drawn from interviews with young people who have been affected by the experience of being NEET, their families, schools and Personal Advisers. The studies enable readers to understand the complexity of young people’s lives from different perspectives. Such insights can be used to develop effective ways of reducing the incidence of NEET among our most vulnerable young people.

The book will be of value to everyone working with young people and striving to prevent NEET, in particular staff at secondary schools and academies, and personal advisers, educational psychologists, administrators and youth workers.

  • Christopher Arnold

    Dr Christopher Arnold is a Senior Educational Psychologist working in Sandwell MBC. He has written extensively about the lives of marginalized young people and worked with the local Connexions Service to develop screening tools.

  • Tracey Baker

    Tracey Baker is a Personal Adviser working in Connexions Sandwell and has developed approaches for working with the most vulnerable young people.

CONTENTS: 1. The risks; 2. A history of childhood; 3. A brief history of employment – the rewards; 4. Developing a local screening tool; 5. Introduction to case studies – the realities; 6. Tim; 7. Gemma; 8. Wayne; 9. Mia; 10. Kevin; 11. Conclusions; References; Index.

This is a vital book for those who want a depth and breadth of understanding of NEETs in the UK today. Well-researched case studies added to the statistics and history underscore the need for appropriate, localized early intervention to prevent later harm.

Carl Parsons, Visiting Professor of Social Inclusion Studies, University of Greenwich

This book addresses a very important issue of our time – that of young people who are not in further education, employment or training, and therefore become so-called NEETs. It provides a detailed account of the circumstances and factors that can lead to a NEET situation for some young people. In addition, it gives practical advice for the professionals involved on how the issues associated with NEETs can be dealt with systematically....This is a well written book which will provide a valuable resource for individual educational psychologists (EPs) and/or educational psychology services, because it will bring to their attention a range of factors and situations that can contribute to a young person becoming a NEET. Arguably, EPs are in a unique professional position to make a contribution to prevent some young people from becoming NEETS.

Frank Pearson, Educational Psychology in Practice Journal, Vol. 30, Issue 3, July 2014, Educational Pyschologist,