White Working-Class Boys

Teachers matter

Paperback / softback, 160 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
5 Sep 2017
Trentham Books

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‘If you are a white working-class boy you are less likely than anyone else in Britain to go to university’. So said Prime Minister May in her maiden speech.

Mary-Claire Travers traces the educational trajectories of a group of white working-class young men who have succeeded academically and who tell her eloquently about how and why they did so. The author’s positive research and insightful analysis makes for a unique contribution to the study of social mobility and social justice. She and her participants offer policymakers, education researchers and teacher educators vital evidence-based recommendations for tackling the long-standing issue of white working-class boys’ academic underachievement.

  • Mary-Claire Travers

    Dr Mary-Claire Travers is an academic researcher at UCL Institute of Education.

CONTENTS: Foreword by Professor Meg Maguire; 1. An introduction; 2. Higher education for all?; 3. Early life and schooling; 4. Experiences at university; 5. A degree ... what now?; 6. Why white working-class males do not engage academically; 7. Conclusions: Drawing the study together; 8. Epilogue: Where are they now?; Afterword by Dr Bryan Cunningham

‘A truly fascinating study. It shows why and how individuals can make a difference, and why background is not everything. But it also should give universities pause, because how they treat students really matters - and not always in the ways that they assume.’

Baroness Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management, King's College London

‘These fascinating interviews with 15 young men as they progress through their university experience suggest ways of resolving the age-old problem of under achievement by white working class boys. A must-read study.’

Carol V. Robinson, Dr Lee’s Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Oxford