Young and Homeless

Exploring the education, life experiences and aspirations of homeless youth

Paperback / softback, 188 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
1 Aug 2017
Trentham Books

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Why do young people become homeless, and what might be done about it? This new study is important reading for academics and students of education, sociology or social work who wish to explore and understand the experiences of homeless young people. Their stories about their aspirations, experiences of schooling and the family breakdowns that culminate in their becoming homeless challenge tired assumptions about homelessness.

Through exploring one effective support service, the book provides positive and far-reaching strategies to assist young people in difficult predicaments back into secure accommodation.

  • Tina Byrom

    Dr Tina Byrom is a consultant researcher with some 25 years’ teaching experience across compulsory, post-compulsory and higher education.

  • Sheine Peart

    Dr Sheine Peart is Senior Lecturer in Education at Nottingham Trent University.

CONTENTS: Foreword; 1. Closing inn: What’s the problem?; 2. Contextual view of homelessness in the UK; 3. Exploring homelessness: Who cares?; 4. Listening carefully: Finding ways to support young people telling their stories; 5. ‘I got kicked out of every school’: Young people’s narratives of their educational experiences; 6. ‘I just told my Mum, if this carries on, you’re going to lose a son’: Family breakdown; 7. ‘You know, try and get back with my family, that’s what my plans are’: Misplaced family loyalties; 8. ‘If I want something, I’ll make sure I get it no matter what’: The development of personal resilience; 9. ‘A decent boyfriend, nice family, nice house and everything – just like all the normal stuff’: Aspirations for the future; 10. ‘Since I’ve been here I’ve had a lot of help’: The role of housing projects; 11. ‘Ain’t got a plan, just take it as it comes’: The role of peer mentoring in supporting homeless young people; 12. Reflections and conclusions; Appendix A. Volunteer agreement for the role of peer mentor with the Wavelength programme; Appendix B. Guidelines for peer mentor/mentee interactions; Appendix C. Procedures for Wavelength staff and peer mentor/mentees; References; Index

'The young homeless make their voices heard through this important study, demonstrating their resilience despite their all too evident vulnerability, and bringing their experiences to life. A very readable book, it illustrates the ways in which young homeless people can be supported to improve their life chances, whatever their initial disadvantages. Essential reading for those concerned to tackle the housing crisis, with policy implications for social justice agendas and young people more widely too.'

Marjorie Mayo, Emeritus Professor of Community Development, Goldsmiths, University of London

'In this standout text, Tina Byrom and Sheine Peart give authentic voice to the insights and experiences of homeless youth. Through a careful blend of grounded empirical analysis and innovative theoretical perspectives, they not only bring homeless young people’s harrowing and traumatic struggles to life but also provide a positive vision of cross-agency actions needed to resolve the issues. Carefully researched and accessibly written, the book is a must-read for those seeking to understand the multiple and underlying social and cultural factors that underpin youth homelessness.'

Ross Deuchar, Professor of Criminology and Assistant Dean, University of the West of Scotland