Race Equality Teaching was the only practitioners’ journal devoted to race equality in education. For 36 years it led international debate and reported good practice in education and equality, responding to the political shifts and classroom practices that affect children’s educational opportunities.

‘It’s published consistently important work with real flair and a grit that is lacking elsewhere…’

‘MCT/RET forms valuable documentation of anti-discriminatory history unlikely to be found elsewhere.’

The journal ceased publication at the end of volume 34. All 34 volumes are open access and will remain available.


Aims and scope

At a time when teachers have a statutory obligation to promote racial equality and eliminate discrimination in their schools while society is becoming ever more unequal, the journal is more essential than ever. Each issue of the journal features accounts of good practice in primary and secondary schools, recent research and theoretical developments, news and comment and up-to-date information on relevant new resources. Schools, teacher educators and education policy makers who recognise their part in creating a just and socially cohesive society will find RET indispensible for keeping them informed and inspired.

Race Equality Teaching is a Trentham journal published by the Institute of Education Press.
First published as MCT – 1982, ISSN 0263-0869.
Relaunched as RET – 2002, ISSN 1478-8551 (print), 1743-7717 (online).

Editorial board

Editor: Gillian Klein
Publisher, Trentham Books, UCL IOE Press

Associate Editor: Robin Richardson
Co-director, Insted Consultancy, London

Rowena Arshad
Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, and Director of CERES, the Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland

Bill Bolloten
Independent Consultant and Trainer, specialising in community cohesion, refugee children and equality

Sameena Choudry
Founder of Equitable Education, which specializes in closing the attainment gaps

Samidha Garg
Principal Officer, Race Equality, National Union of Teachers

Ros Garside
Educational Consultant and Chair of Bradford SACRE

Bruce Gill
Education Consultant

W.A. Gulam
Member of Northern Black Workers Network, an independent group working in colleges and universities

Jane Lane
Advocate worker for racial equality in the early years

Berenice Miles
Consultant, education and equality

Sheine Peart
Senior Lecturer in Education and course leader in Education Masters programme at Nottingham Trent University

Academic Advisors

Ranjit Arora
Education and Management Consultant

James A. Banks
Kerry and Linda Killinger Professor of Diversity Studies, and Director, Center of Multicultural Education, University of Washington, Seattle (USA)

Richard Hatcher
Professor, Birmingham City University

Edith King
Educational Sociologist, American Sociology Association Emeritus

Audrey Osler
Visiting Professor, University of Leeds

Iram Siraj
Professor, Early Years, UCL Institute of Education

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Volume 34, Number 3, June 2018


Signing off: Hopes, aims, successes, disappointments

Gillian Klein

Acknowledgements: Guest editors, columnists and associates

Gillian Klein

The global context: A message from America

Edith W. King



The Story Over the Decades 1982–1989

Racism in schools and society: The impact on learning (Volume 1, 1982–83)

Gerry Davis

The world for children: Teaching and learning in a global age (Volume 2, 1983–84)

Margot Brown

Education for all: Responses to a landmark report (Volume 3, 1984-85)

Ann Dummett

A new ball game: Reflections on Section 11 twenty years on (Volume 4, 1985–86)

Surinder Kaur Samra

Eurocentric, nationalistic, dishonest: History textbooks reviewed (Volume 5, 1986–87)

Dawn Gill

The Great Education Reform Bill: Responses and critiques (Volume 6, 1987–88)

Ranjit Arora

‘If you go to Handsworth you’ll get mugged!’ Antiracism in a white school (Volume 7, 1988–89)

Richard Hatcher

Difference is not deficiency: Language support and special needs (Volume 8, 1989–90)

Jean Conteh


The Story Over the Decades 1990–1999

An honest transfer of power: Reflections on home–school links (Volume 9, 1990–91)

Harbhajan Singh Brar

Bullying and harassment: Common, known, but not discussed (Volume 10, 1991–92)

Elinor Kelly

Not always purely scientific: Race and racism in the science curriculum (Volume 11, 1992–93)

Shahid Ashrif

For all our Ridwanas: Notes from a working week (Volume 12, 1993–94)

Teresa Clark

Common threads: The need for concerted action (Volume 13, 1994–95)

Babette Brown

Stop standing on the baby: Symbolism and spirituality in young children (Volume 14, 1995–96) Angela Wood

SCIMPI by name, skimpy by nature: The dangers of school improvement (Volume 15, 1996–97)

Robin Richardson

I always felt different: The loss and recovery of cultural identity (Volume 16, 1997–98)

David Milner

Incompetence or racism? Questions from the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry  (Volume 17, 1998–99)

Robin Richardson

We the people with our roots in ex-colonies: Landmarks in our recent history (Volume 18, 1999–2000)

Ambalavaner Sivanandan

Reflections and resolutions 2: Beyond the surface


The Story Over the Decades 2000–2009

Listening to refugee children’s own stories: Government support needed (Volume 19, 2000–01)

Mano Candappa

What is going on exactly? The need for robust and consistent data (Volume 20, 2001–02)

Maud Blair

Attitudes and identity in an era of terrorism: A training programme after 9/11  (Volume 21, 2002–03)

Edith W. King

Antisemitism still sleeping lightly: Guidance and programmes for teachers (Volume 22, 2003–04)

Steve Sinnott

In memory of Blair Peach: The changing face of racism (Volume 22, 2003–04)

Arun Kundnani

Dribbling away: Promise, disappointment, renewal (Volume 23, 2004–05)

Brian Richardson

Reflections and resolutions 3: To advance equality  

What we would like the world to be: Schools and settings in troubled times (Volume 24, 2005–06)

Jane Lane

The abolition of the Transatlantic slave trade: Principles and pitfalls for teachers (Volume 25, 2006–07)

Berenice Miles

Aiming high for both pupils and staff: Hopes and challenges (Volume 26, 2007–08)

Jan McKenley

Democracy and citizenship: Ethno-nationalist or cosmopolitan values?  (Volume 27, 2008–09)

Audrey Osler

British Muslim citizens: Identity, tradition and empowerment (Volume 29, 2009–10)

Maurice Irfan Coles


The Story Over the Decades 2010–2017

Dealing with exclusions: Principles and a case study (Volume 29, 2010–11)

Raphael Richards

Flamboyant rhetoric and disregard for justice: The new government’s policies (Volume 29, 2010–11)

David Gillborn

Reading the riots: ‘Us’, ‘them’ and civil unrest  (Volume 30, 2011–12)

Gus John

Nothing wrong with the Roma: Speaking truth to power (Volume 31, 2012-13)

Arthur Ivatts

Your contempt for the rule of law: Letter to the government Race Equality Teaching  (Volume 32, 2013-14)

Race Equality Teaching

Checking and challenging privilege: Steps towards equality (Volume 32, 2013-14)

Sarah Soyei

Postmodern, dynamic, open to change: How young British Muslims construct their identity (Volume 33, 2014–15)

Aminul Hoque

Everyone an insider: Respect and inclusion for all  (Volume 34, 2015-16)

Farzana Khan

Reflections and resolutions 4: Shared responsibility 



Memories and remembrance  

Taking stock: The table of shared responsibility  

Robin Richardson



Appendix A: Authors

Appendix B: Sources

Appendix C: Glossary and key publications