MAGiCAL Projects develop, market, and support award-winning specialist interactive educational software. Our products are used in schools and homes across the UK and worldwide to develop 3D worlds and enhance learning.

Our tools:

  • encourage creative learning
  • adapt to individual teaching styles
  • allow for individual learning preferences
  • inspire innovation and creativity in the classroom.

Please browse the tabs below to learn more about our products. To purchase MAGiCAL products, please visit the UCL IOE store.

Kar2ouche – storyboarding and role-playing software

Students in the classroom or at home can compose multi-media role-plays, storyboards, movies and animations onscreen in minutes using drag and drop commands. Each title comes with a themed library of resources including characters, sounds, backgrounds, props, and a comprehensive Teacher Support Pack. Students can:

  • compose pictures, storyboards, animations, publications, or movies by adding characters, backgrounds, and props
  • record voices and add sound effects
  • create and import images
  • share work as QuickTime movies or editable Kar2ouche files.

MissionMaker – game authoring tool

MissionMaker lets students rapidly create visually rich 3D worlds for first-person ‘missions’ – complete with sets, animated characters, dialogue, and music. Students can:

  • select elements from an extensive object library to create a unique game world
  • create and animate 3D characters
  • import their own music, graphics, and video
  • set rules for game play.

MediaStage – 3D virtual production studio

Students build and populate their sets, select their characters, and arrange lighting and cameras using objects from the software library to create their drama. Character movements, lighting, and cameras are in their full control. Students can:

  • record or type in character dialogue and see it performed with automatic lip-synchronisation
  • control character movements, gestures, and emotions
  • set camera positions and live edit
  • save and share performances.

Krucible – science simulation software

Krucible’s four virtual laboratories create a perfect environment for learning and investigation. Graphically rich simulations instantly engage pupils of all ages. Students can:

  • plot experiment simulation data with a dynamic graph plotter
  • use a notepad to record observations
  • save and share experimental outcomes
  • complete over 150 activities and apply knowledge to more than 150 real-life challenges.

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