How UK higher education institutions (HEIs) can positively impact minoritized learners

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By Amanda Arbouin I have just returned from one of the most inspirational events of my career as a black academic in the UK. The International Colloquium on Black Males in Education (ICBME) is a high profile, annual event that brings together a wide range of (predominantly) black academics. They share their research focused on… Read more »

Serendipity and Stepping Stones: being Black and British in university

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By Amanda Arbouin How can universities tackle insidious racism in a meaningful and effective way? This question is at the heart of my book, Black British Graduates: untold stories[i], which explores the educational journeys and career outcomes of ten Black British graduates. Participant narratives convey a richness of emotions, as the book [ii]considers the impact… Read more »

The Power of Picturebooks

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by Anne M. Dolan You, Me and Diversity presents picturebooks which inspire, educate and encourage us to care. My cover image of five children happily engaged with a picturebook captures the philosophy of the book. Through discussion, analysis and playful encounters, children develop empathy with characters and an understanding of complex issues related to power… Read more »

Religion is risky; secularism safeguards

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by Lynn Davies Research tells us that conflicts are much harder to resolve when they have a religious underpinning. Identities become hardened, there is no basis for bargaining or exchange and both parties think God is on their side. Faith-based organisations are good at picking up the pieces after conflict, but religious divides present a… Read more »