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Covering the Future of Education

Covering the Future of Education for the 21st Century

Intelligence fundamentally distinguishes humans, yet the ways we recognize, discuss, and value it are limited. Often, artificial intelligence (AI) is mistakenly ascribed to human qualities it lacks, risking…

Guiding Principles for Education

Policy and Practice – Guiding Principles for Education’s Evolutionary Journey

Delving into the multifaceted realm of ‘alternative education,’ International Perspectives on Alternative Education offers a comprehensive exploration through the lenses of academics…

Comprehensive Examination

How Measures and Meanings About Standard Setting Differ Around the World in this Comprehensive Examination

Drawing upon the expertise of an international panel, this book delves into the essence of standard setting, examining its current…

Inspection for Ofsted

A New Model of Inspection for Ofsted – Revamping Evaluation

Examining the impact of Ofsted, evidence suggests that while it offers certain advantages, its methodologies are deemed flawed, unreliable, and inequitable. Educators often prioritize satisfying…

Pathways to Proficiency

Pathways to Proficiency – Book About Training in Mandarin Chinese Education

The book “Mandarin Chinese Teacher Education” originates from the endeavors of the UCL Institute of Education Confucius Institute, which aims to bolster the incorporation of Mandarin Chinese into the…