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According to The Department of Education, current statistics show that only 15% of primary school teachers in the UK are male.

Dr David Brody, chair of the Early Childhood Department and Academic Dean of the Efrata College of Education in Jerusalem, Israel, is the author of Men Who Teach Young Children: An international perspective. David reveals that the percentage of male teachers in Early Education ranges from 0.0043% in Israel to 11% in Norway.












Men Who Teach Young Children presents biographies of six talented men from Britain, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel and the United States, who have all been working with the youngest children for many years. A cultural lens is used to understand their motivations and reveal the difficulties they faced in choosing the profession, getting trained, working with young children and their parents, and opting to remain in the field.

In an interview for the early childhood website, Storypark, David tells Megan from Mat Time why male teachers are needed in Early Education.

You can watch the interview here:

The role of men in teaching | Dr. David Brody

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