Music Psychology in Education

Paperback / softback, 281 pages, 210 mm x 148 mm
1 Jan 2006
Institute of Education

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The psychological study of music has a long history, with research being undertaken in relation to every aspect of human musical behaviour. Although much of the research is of direct concern to music educators, it has not until now been presented in an easily accessible, single volume. Music Psychology in Education presents a comprehensive overview of the field, beginning with the function of music in society – its origins, nature and purposes, taking account of cross-cultural perspectives. Individual chapters then focus on the psychological underpinnings of the elements of music education: music, the brain and learning; early development; musical ability; listening, appraising and responding to music; composing and improvising; learning to play an instrument and develop vocal skills; learning through practice; motivation and musical identity; assessment; teachers and teaching; the impact of music through life. Music Psychology in Education will be of interest to students training to be instrumental and class teachers, and to all teachers wishing to further their understanding of teaching and learning.

  • Susan Hallam

    Dean of Faculty of Policy and Society and Professor of Education

    Institute of Education, University of London

1 Introduction
2 Music, the brain and learning
3 Early development
4 Musical ability
5 Listening, appraising and responding to music
6 Composing and improvising
7 Learning to play an instrument and develop vocal skills
8 Learning through practice
9 Motivation and musical identity
10 Assessment
11 Teachers and teaching
12 The impact of music through life

This book provides a concise summary of research in music psychology which has been selected for its relevance to music educators.

, British Journal of Music Education, Vol 24/1