The evidence

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1 Oct 2018

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Homework is controversial. Its pros and cons have been and continue to be debated by politicians, educators, parents and children. Such discussions are frequently characterized by polemic and based on personal experiences that may have been more or less positive. Typically, there is disagreement about homework's benefits. Alongside the debates, there has been much research on homework, yet this is rarely referred to in consideration of its usefulness. In part, this may be because most people are unaware of it. This new, fully revised and updated edition of Homework: The evidence synthesizes key findings from the international research, providing an evidence-base that can be used in future considerations of the role of homework in the lives of children and young people.

  • Susan Hallam

    Susan Hallam is Emerita Professor of Education and Music Psychology at the UCL Institute of Education.

  • Lynne Rogers

    Lynne Rogers is Reader in Education at the UCL Institute of Education.

CONTENTS: 1. Introduction; 2. The role of homework in attainment; 3. Homework types and support; 4. Teachers and homework; 5. Pupils’ perspectives on homework; 6. Parents’ perspectives on homework; 7. Future directions; References; Index