Parent, Family and Child Characteristics in Relation to Type of Pre-School and Socio-Economic Differences

Technical Paper 4

Paperback / softback, 66 pages, 297 mm x 210 mm
8 Jan 2001
Institute of Education

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Information on the characteristics of the parents, families and children in the Effective Provision of Pre-school education (EPPE) project was collected by parental interview at the start of the study. This paper shows how this information was used to describe the sample in terms of the parents (labour market participation, socio-economic characteristics, qualifications, marital status and age), the family (composition, ethnicity and language), the child’s health, development and behaviours, the child’s activities in the home, the use of pre-school provision and childcare history.

  • Edward Melhuish

    Birkbeck, University of London

  • Kathy Sylva

    Department of Educational Studies

    University of Oxford

  • Pam Sammons

    Institute of Education, University of London

  • Iram Siraj-Blatchford

    Institute of Education, University of London

  • Brenda Taggart

    Research Co-ordinator

    Institute of Education, University of London

  • Anne Dobson

    Regional Research Officer

  • Marjorie Jeavons

    Regional Research Officer

  • Katie Lewis

    Regional Research Officer

  • Maria Morahan

    Regional Research Officer

  • Sharon Sadler

    Regional Research Officer

Overview of the Project
Executive Summary
The Sample
Data Collection and Analysis
The Parents
Labour market participation and socio-economic characteristics
Comparing the EPPE sample with the UK population
Types of pre-school and socio-economic status
Level of parental employment
Level of parental employment and use of childcare
Marital status
Parental age
Educational qualifications of the parents
Summary of parental characteristics
The Family
Family composition
Type of pre-school centre
Ethnicity and language
Summary of family characteristics
Child’s previous health, development and behaviour
Perinatal period
Health, development and behaviour
Physical health since birth
Development problems since birth
Behaviour problems since birth
Total health, developmental and behavioural problems
Recent health (last 6 months)
Life events for child
Summary of health, development and behaviour
Children’s activities in the home
Educational activities
Television watching in the home
Summary of children’s activities in the home
Pre-school provision and childcare history
The target pre-school centre
Age of starting target pre-school centre
Reasons for attending the target centre
Parental visits to the pre-school centre
Childcare history
Type of pre-school centre
Total number of non-parental caregivers