Developing Subject Knowledge in Design and Technology

Developing Planning and Communicating Ideas

Paperback / softback, 120 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
1 Sep 2001
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £15.99

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In October 2001 the Open University introduces a new modular programme for initial teacher training for secondary teaching. Four set books will develop and extend the required subject knowledge for the National Curriculum in Design and Technology. Although intended for initial students many existing teachers will find these up to the minute texts invaluable updates on the statutory requirements of subject audits. All include practical and theoretical activities for readers to undertake and questions for them to answer. This book has four sections covering: 1. Starting to design 2. Designing 3. Design for manufacture 4. Evaluating designs. These cover: an introduction to design, design briefs, consumer research, product specification and product design, aesthetic and ergonomics, creativity in design, product development and manufacture and issues to do with 'green' design.

  • Gwyneth Owen-Jackson