Oily Cart

All sorts of theatre for all sorts of kids

Paperback / softback, 168 pages, 244 mm x 170 mm
30 Jul 2012
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £22.99

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Acclaimed theatre company Oily Cart has for 30 years been making colourful musical interactive theatre for young children and for children and young adults with learning disabilities or on the spectrum of autism. This fascinating book presents a rich and illuminating picture of its three decades of skilled theatre making.

It is an essential source book for: theatre practitioners who make, or are seeking to make, theatre for young children or for children and young adults with learning disabilities; teachers and students who are engaged in Special Educational Needs, early years and nursery work, or drama and theatre; and anyone interested in drama therapy or music therapy.

  • Mark Brown

CONTENTS: Acknowledgements; Foreword by Lyn Gardner: Oily cart: Into Wonderland; A note on the editor; Introduction; 1. The history of Oily Cart; 2. The Oily Cart timeline; 3. My life in Cart: Writing and directing for Oily Cart; 4. The art of the Cart: Designing Oily shows; 6. Cartbeat: Making music for Oily Cart; 7. Making Blue: Interviews with Tim Webb, Claire de Loon and Max Reinhardt; 7. Audience feedback: Blue; 8. Review: Blue; 9. The script of Blue; 10. Blue: A suggested timetable for a one-day visit; 11. Making Baby Balloon: Interviews with Tim Webb, Claire de Loon and Max Reinhardt; 12. Audience feedback: Baby Balloon; 13. Review: Baby Balloon; 14. Making Ring a Ding Ding: Interviews with Tim Webb, Claire de Loon and Max Reinhardt; 15. Audience feedback: Ring a Ding Ding; 16. Review: Ring a Ding Ding; 17. Interview with Sjaak van der Bent (Pool Piece and Blue); 18. Interview with Alex Harvey (Something in the Air); 19. Interview with Patrick Lynch (Jumpin' Beans); 20. Interview with Lucy Angell-John (Drum); 21. Interview with Geoff Bowyer (10 years on the road with Oily Cart); 22. Interview with Nicole Worrica (Play House and Blue); 23. The free spirits of children's theatre; 24. Oily Cart: Unravelling the magic; 25. Review: Soapsuds; 26. Review: Jumpin' Beans; 27. Review: Conference of the Birds; 28. Audience feedback: How Long is a Piece of String; 29. Audience feedback: Something in the Air; 30. Preparation, anticipation, motivation: Before, during and after and Oily Cart show; 31. Oily Biz: The business side of Oily Cart; Afterword

There are good theatre companies, and there are great theatre companies. There are great theatre companies and there is Oily Cart.

Lyn Gardiner, Guardian drama critic

The great sense of fun, the freewheeling anarchy and mayhem... Oily Cart are the free spirits of the children's theatre movement.

Tony Graham, former director of the Unicorn Theatre

I would recommend Oily Cart: All Sorts of Theatre for All Sorts of Kids to practitioners seeking insight into one of the United Kingdom’s most prolific and exciting children’s theatre companies, and to scholars interested in contemporary practice within TYA. It deserves a place on reading lists at drama schools, conservatoires, and theatre studies departments

Ben Fletcher-Watson, Youth Theatre Journal