Talking Truth Confronting Power

Paperback / softback, 174 pages, 228 mm x 145 mm
1 Mar 2008
Trentham Books Ltd

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This sixth volume in "Trentham's Discourse, Power, Resistance" series brings together an international team of writers to get to grips with the issues of marginalized knowledges and silenced voices, and the ways and means of speaking out.Part 1, Uncovering Truth, opens with analyses by Norman Denzin and Bob Lingard of neoliberal notions of what counts as knowledge. Both criticize the cramped research methodologies that produce it and expose the ruthlessness of the cultural politics at work in the preservation of epistemological orthodoxy. This is illustrated by examples from Canada by Ken Montgomery, Central America by Susan Heald and by Pat Sikes and Heather Piper in the UK. The arguments of Part 1 are brought together with a powerful restatement of Edward Said's critique of cultural imperialism by Fazal Rizvi.Part 2, Talking Truth, challenges the silencing of resistant voices and insists that uncomfortable, disquieting truths must be told. Globally, education is heading the wrong way, with potentially catastrophic consequences, discussed by David Selby. Kathryn Ecclestone identifies the specious concern for the learners, which constructs them as clients in need of emotional care and so frustrates their proper aspirations. James Rolling discusses how marginalized and silenced cultural groups are finding their voices and speaking out; and Paul Warmington reveals how unsayable things about race are being said. The book ends with Michael Watts' passionate advocacy of speaking from lived experience as a basis of sound knowledge.This is "DPR 6" - the sixth book in "Trentham's Discourse, Power, Resistance" series focusing on Higher Education. It is for people with minds of their own, principally academics and students working at all levels of education and for policy makers and managers.

  • Jerome Satterthwaite

  • Michael Watts

  • Heather Piper

"...on the whole, this is a recalcitrant, disruptive and wonderful book that will act as a temporary sanctuary and intelligent companion for insurgent researchers working against prevailing orthodoxies in education and beyond."

, International Journal of Research & Method in Education, 35:2, 217-219

"With an impressive list of international contributors, this is the best in the series to date. In a compelling and diverse arrangement of substantive themes, each chapter deals convincingly with issues of vulnerability and marginality at the interstices of power and knowledge. An ongoing theme is a resistance to certainty and a deliberative move to confront power so as to oppose dominant ideologies and social injustice more actively. The blend of philosophy, diversity and serious provocation work well in producing an erudite text that makes the reader pause, ponder and produce questions that give rise to deeper reflection and existential thought."

, British Educational Research Journal, Volume 34, Issue 5