Schoolgirl Pregnancy, Motherhood and Education

Dealing with difference

Paperback / softback, 186 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
31 Mar 2012
Trentham Books Ltd

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Pregnant schoolgirls and schoolgirl mothers describe their educational experiences and aspirations at schools. Their accounts reveal that despite inclusive policy and a national strategy to support young mothers to complete their education, they find themselves disparaged and pushed to the school margins. This research shows that even within inclusive schools, the 'dilemma of difference' caused by a pupil pregnancy was not easily resolved.

This book offers practical suggestions for achieving affirming educational experiences and better educational outcomes for these pupils. It argues for recognition of a greater range of differences among young people and for the development of broader conceptualisations of social inclusion and exclusion.

It is for everyone who has a specific interest in or responsibility for supporting vulnerable pupils, including girls who become pregnant while still of statutory school age. Current and prospective school leaders, local authority staff, teachers, teacher educators and teacher trainees will all find it invaluable. While it focuses on one specific group of students, the institutional responses to their particular 'difference' reflects the oppressive experiences of other marginalised groups, so the book will also interest professionals and policy makers concerned with inclusive education.

  • Kerry Vincent

CONTENTS: Acknowledgements; Acronyms and abbreviations; 1. Schoolgirl pregnancy, motherhood and education; 2. Becoming pregnant; 3. Being a teenage mother; 4. Pregnant and mothering schoolgirls: The same but different; 5. Educational alternatives: Benefits and limitations; 6. Reframing difference; 7. Inclusive policy and practice: Moving forward; References; Index.