Chinese Learning Journeys

Chasing the Dream

Paperback / softback, 168 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
28 Feb 2011
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £20.99

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This edited book charts the learning journeys of eight Chinese students across national and continental boundaries and socio-cultural contexts and draws out the implications for higher education in the UK. All originally from mainland China, each contributor presents a reflective autobiographical account of their experiences of studying in both China and the UK. Their reflections are structured around the turning points and life changing choices they have made in chasing their dreams. This exciting and original book deepens and broadens our understanding of the overseas student experience and how this is shaping the aspirations of a future generation of Chinese citizens. Their dreams of the future will affect not only their own fates but also the future of Chinese civil society. It is this generation - informed by international travel and overseas study - that will play a leading role in the creation of the new China. They constitute its emergent intellectual and professional cadre. "Chinese Learning Journeys" offers a scholarly resource for the academic research community. It provides higher education practitioners with important insights into the cultural backgrounds and aspirations of overseas students. Those responsible for overseas student recruitment and welfare will find it invaluable, as will those working in areas of language support and academic writing.

  • Feng Su

    Feng Su is a Senior Lecturer in Education at Liverpool Hope University, UK. His main research interests and writings are located within cross-cultural learning contexts and the development of the learner within higher education settings; the use of qualitative methodologies in educational research; and the development of higher education policy and its impact on student experience and academic practice.

    Senior Lecturer in Education

    Liverpool Hope University

CONTENTS: Foreword; 1. Learning journeys: origins and destinations; 2: An undergraduate student in Liverpool: a woman’s struggle; 3: A doctorial student in Manchester: becoming an independent learner; 4: A post-doctoral researcher in Hong Kong: ‘I am not who I used to be’; 5: A Shanghainese solicitor in London: ‘By endurance we conquer’; 6: A teacher of foreign language in Hong Kong: centrality of language; 7: An Uyghur linguist at an English university: intercultural encounters; 8: A Chinese lecturer in an English university: an unfinished journey; 9: A Chinese academic in a Welsh university: luck, reality, dream; 10: Epilogue – realising the dream

'... an inspirational book, which will encourage with a wealth of useful insights international students coming to higher education in the UK, and at the same time will alert their hosts to the need to be sensitive to the strangeness of the institutions, values, learning and teaching styles which international students encounter.'

, Power and Education

'… these intimate accounts of wrenching homesickness, indomitable will to achieve, and sheer delight in the wonder of the world are interwoven with epochal changes that have moved China from famine in the late 1950s to the glaring disparities of 2010’s post-socialism. … Feng Su has produced a little gem of a book that quietly celebrates the choices we are capable of making when hard winds blow.'

, Professor Heidi Ross at Indiana University, USA

'The life stories recounted in Feng Su’s book are epic journeys into the unknown. This inspiring volume shows the tenacity of these outstanding individuals, as they dig deep into their reserves of cultural and linguistic courage to pursue their dreams in the face of daunting challenges.'

, Professor Bob Adamson, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

'We follow richly diverse narratives of schooldays in China, the huge challenges of studying in English in British universities, the making of new friends, and the taking of community jobs, all of which transform the learner and engage the reader.'

, Associate Professor Anne Hickling-Hudson, Queensland University of Technology, Australia