Lifelong Integrated Education as a Creator for the Future: v. 2

The Principles of Nomura Lifelong Integrated Education

Hardback, 222 pages, 250 mm x 168 mm
1 Jan 2002
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £39.00

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This outstanding book is the second and concluding presentation of the principles - and the underlying vision - of the Nomura Centre for Lifelong Integrated Education. Established after the Hirishima bomb to combet human and environmental destruction, it has become a world wide education movement for young people to learn to live and work harmonlously in and across communities and nations. Published by Trentham Books for the Nomura Centre for Lifelong Integrated Education under the auspices of UNESCO. The principles at the heart of my vision of lifelong integrated education is based on the oriental view of nature and nature's laws, order and structure. It is from this vision that I have drawn the principles of education which will bring about the restoration of man's humanity and his innate essential values. - Yoshiko Nomura We congratulate Mrs. Nomura on her courage and determination to spread among the peoples of the world a popular education which aims at enhancing the holistic developments of individuals, personally, intellectually, spiritually and physically, with a balanced and sane approach to ultimately reaching total harmony. - Professor Colin N. Power (Assistant Director-General for Education, UNESCO)

  • Yoshiko Nomura