Overcoming the Barriers to Higher Education

Paperback / softback, 168 pages, 244 mm x 170 mm
1 Sep 2007
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £20.99

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There are serious inequalities in participation in post-compulsory education and training related to socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity and other characteristics. Such inequalities are reproduced and exacerbated in higher education. This book is based on a review of research evidence that explores whether these social and familial patterns can be interrupted via educational and other interventions.

The answer lies in taking a radically new lifelong approach, considering changes over time and examining earlier life factors that influence participation - such as family, peer-group and initial education. All these factors help to build the learning trajectory of individuals that leads them to consider HE as a possibility. The impressive results of this review of evidence make this book essential reading for practitioners and policy-makers concerned with widening participation, and for academics.

  • Stephen Gorard

  • Nick Adnett

  • Helen May

  • Kim Slack

  • Emma Smith

  • Liz Thomas

"HEFCE should take the Gorard report seriously. It confirms the fact that we know some very simple things securely, especially about the sources of educational inequality in other forms of inequality."

Sir David Watson, Professor of Higher Education Management, Institute of Education, University of London

"Universities would need to scrap entry requirements to make any real headway in admitting students from a broader range of backgrounds, according to a highly controversial report commissioned by funding chiefs."

, Times Higher Educational Supplement