University Students Behaving Badly

Paperback / softback, 156 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
1 Jun 2006
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £17.99

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This book reveals the hidden problem of unacceptable student conduct towards academics in the UK. With a focus on gender relations, it draws on first-hand empirical research funded by the Nuffield Foundation to investigate a matter not explored in a British academic text before. Ways are sought to understand unacceptable student behaviour in universities. How can the poor management of students' bad behaviour and sexual bullying be improved - something the research shows to be sorely needed. This original book on a growing problem will interest readers in North America, Europe and Australia. It should be required reading for academics and university managers and will be helpful to university staff working in human resources and staff development. It will also be relevant to students of gender relations in the workplace, sociology, post-compulsory education, management and human resources training.

  • Deborah Lee