Bilingual Books - Biliterate Children

Learning to Read Through Dual Language Books

Paperback / softback, 188 pages, 244 mm x 170 mm
1 Sep 2009
Trentham Books Ltd

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This fascinating study shows how young children work simultaneously in two languages to decode unfamiliar text, negotiate meaning and explore the differences between their languages. Set in the context of current research and practice in relation to multiliteracy, personal and learner identity, and issues in translation, the book explores dual language books and their use in England since the 1980s. Developed from action research work by primary teachers at the University of East London and in the London Borough of Redbridge, the book follows seven children aged 6 to 10 as they use dual language story books to learn to read in Albanian, Urdu, Turkish, French and Gujerati, with the help of their mothers or their friends. Teachers, parents and researchers will find the book invaluable. It explores the nature and benefits of biliteracy and offers ideas and strategies for teaching young children languages, whether by developing their bilingualism or teaching them new ones. Raymonde Sneddon is a French/English bilingual who loves playing with languages. She was a primary teacher in east London who specialised in working with bilingual children, their families and communities and is now Research Fellow at the University of East London. It is published in collaboration with Mantra Lingua.

  • Raymonde Sneddon

CONTENTS: Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Context and history; 2. Language use and literacy practices in families and communities; 3. Issues in identity; 4. Issues in translation; 5. Magda and Albana; 6. The suraj, the sun, is inside the mashriq, and it comes out; 7. Practice, pleasure and persistence: Collaborative learning in Turkish; 8. Sarah the reader; 9. Mohammed: Learning to read in Gujarati; 10. Bilingual books: Biliterate children? Appendix: Practical ideas for the classroom: Further reading; Website resources; References; Index.

With a lucid writing style, a clear structure, well-selected commentary and observation, and a persuasive overall argument this book promises to inform not only teachers' use of dual language books and resources for some years to come but also their appreciation of how such materials can fit into a broader strategy of education for a multilingual society. - Educational Review ...a stimulating and informative book for teachers, parents and researchers alike ... [this is] a significant and valuable contribution to the field of multi-literacy - NALDIC Quarterly