Identity Texts

the Collaborative Creation of Power in Multilingual Schools

Paperback / softback, 190 pages, 244 mm x 170 mm
30 Jun 2011
Trentham Books Ltd

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This book shows how identity texts have proved to be an effective and inspirational way of engaging learners in multilingual schools around the world. Identity texts describe a variety of creative work by children, led by classroom teachers: collaborative inquiry, literary narratives, dramatic and multimodal performances. We see how the identity texts produced held up a mirror to the students which reflected their identities back in a positive light.

The book features: Jim Cummins' account of identity texts and how they relate to pedagogy; case studies of identity text construction by educators and students in schools - in parts of North America - in Burkina Faso and Rwanda in Africa - and in Ireland; and, future projects generated by brainstorming among the contributors to this volume. "Identity Texts" is essential reading for everyone concerned with developing appropriate pedagogy for schools and for all who work with multilingual children.

  • Margaret Early

  • Jim Cummins

CONTENTS: 1. Introduction; 2. Frames of Reference: Identity Texts in Perspective; 3. 'I'm not just a coloring person': Teacher and Student Perspectives on Identity Text Construction; 4. Case Studies of Identity Text Creation: Case Study 1 - Performing Identity Texts: A multilingual creative writing class in the State Prison of Oaxaca, Mexico; Case Study 2 - Multilingual Identity Texts in the Library Curriculum; Case Study 3 - Creating Picture Books and Performance as Identity Texts in a Core French Classroom; Case Study 4 - Weaving Other Languages and Cultures into the Curriculum in International Primary Schools; Case Study 5 - 'We're just like real authors': The power of dual language identity texts in a multilingual school; Case Study 6 - Identity Journals in Multicultural/Multilingual Schools in Greece; Case Study 7 - Multi-Language Identity Texts + Internet Technology: A Case Study in Guza, China; Case Study 8 - 'I am Becoming More Intelligent Every Day': 'Non-native' English student teachers' liberating Identity Texts; Case Study 9 - Getting Students to Document Linguistic Diversity; Case Study 10 - The Multimodal Discursive Construction of a Dancer on YouTube as Identity Text; Case Study 11 - Identity Affirmation through Story Writing; Case Study 12 - Identity Texts in a Sister-Class Context: How are ELL students' voices heard?; Case Study 13 - Drama as Identity Texts in Ugandan HIV/AIDS Clubs; Case Study 14 - Multilingualism as an Academic Resource; Case Study 15 - Let Me (Re)tell You My Story: Creating trilingual identity texts at an orphanage school in Burkina Faso; Case Study 16 - Quilting our Communities: Creating personal and collective identity texts through the integration of the Arts in a Grade 3 class; Case Study 17 - Identity Texts for Teacher Training in Multicultural Society; Case Study 18 - Developing American Sign Language (ASL) Identity Texts; 5. 'It really comes down to the teachers, I think': Pedagogies of choice in multilingual classrooms

...has energized my thinking in this area.

Stuart Scott, NATE Classroom