Interconnecting Worlds

Teacher partnerships for bilingual learning

Paperback / softback, 156 pages, 244 mm x 170 mm
2 Nov 2012
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £18.99

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The complementary schools attended by bilingual children after school or at weekends significantly enhance the children’s educational achievement.Yet mainstream teachers are largely unaware of their pupils’ other worlds, so the children’s bilingual identities and resources remain hidden or marginalised in mainstream school.

This inspiring book demonstrates what can be done to bring them to light and build the children’s learning power. The authors draw on two innovative action research projects in east London to show how mainstream and complementary teachers can work together as equal partners to build rapport with pupils, help children become independent learners, create a learning community within the classroom and develop learning power by drawing on the multilingual resources of children and families.

It tells an important story to teachers, teacher educators, policymakers and all who are studying and researching bilingual learning internationally. It offers proven new ideas to strengthen school policy and classroom practice.

  • Charmian Kenner

  • Mahera Ruby

CONTENTS: Introduction; 1. Simultaneous or separate worlds?; 2. Developing bilingual learning in mainstream school; 3. Sharing strategies; 4. Connecting the curriculum; 5. Promoting learning power; References; Index.