Faith and Experience in Education

Essays from Quaker perspectives

Paperback / softback, 256 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
1 May 2018
Trentham Books

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This book emerges from a deep concern about the direction of educational policy in the last decade and its effects on children, teachers and school leaders. It addresses contemporary educational issues from the perspectives of justice, peace, equality and truth, and is informed by Quaker approaches to these values. It presents a coherent approach to education, including subject teaching, that resonates with the authors' deep integrity in practice and in making sense of education.

  • Don Rowe

    Don Rowe is a teacher, writer and co-founder of the Citizenship Foundation.

  • Anne Watson

    Anne Watson is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Oxford.

  • Giles Barrow

    Giles Barrow is a teacher who has worked in both mainstream and specialist contexts.

  • Kathy Bickmore

    Kathy Bickmore is Professor in Curriculum Studies and Comparative International Development Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

  • Anna Gregory

    Anna Gregory works for Peacemakers, a branch of Central England Quakers.

  • Belinda Hopkins

    Dr Belinda Hopkins is founder of Transforming Conflict, providers of training and consultancy in the field of restorative approaches to conflict resolution.

  • John Mason

    John Mason, now retired, is the former Professor of Mathematics Education at the Open University.

  • Keir Mitchell

    Keir Mitchell is a former primary teacher and Forest School leader.

  • Janet Nicholls

    Janet Nicholls is a psychotherapist. Under the name Janet McKenzie she was a university lecturer in the sociology and politics of education.

  • Wendy Scott

    Wendy Scott, OBE, led the British Association for Early Childhood Education and chaired the national Early Childhood Forum before becoming a specialist adviser to the Department for Education and Skills.

  • Tim Small

    Tim Small is an international educational consultant and former headteacher.

  • Janet Sturge

    Janet Sturge worked as a secondary teacher and in retirement volunteers in neighbour mediation and peer mediation.

CONTENTS: 1. Introduction to Quakers, Quaker involvement in education, and this book, by Don Rowe and Anne Watson; 2. Whose values? Which values?, by Don Rowe; 3. Relational and restorative practice in educational settings: A values-based, needs-led approach, by Belinda Hopkins; 4. Building, maintaining and repairing a peaceful culture in school, by Anna Gregory; 5. Learning for emancipation, by Tim Small; 6. Equality, truth and love in subject teaching: Cognitive care in the case of mathematics, by Anne Watson; 7. The role and value of the arts in education, by Janet Sturge; 8. Early years education and Quaker concerns, by Wendy Scott; 9. Equality and the scramble for school places, by Janet Nicholls; 10. Reflecting on values emerging from practice and the value of reflecting on practice, by John Mason; 11. When school won’t do, by Keir Mitchell; 12. Natality and Quaker education, by Giles Barrow; 13. Friends’ education: A reflective commentary, by Kathy Bickmore; Index

‘One of the most compelling essays, “Building, Maintaining, and Repairing a Peaceful Culture in School,” describes the West Midlands Quaker Peace Education Project (WMQPEP). [In addition], Anne Watson provides a compelling argument that the themes of equality, truth, and care are all of great importance in mathematics teaching and learning.

This book appears to be written for primary school educators, but it has significant application for all schooling from nursery school to graduate school. … The book may also appear to be written just for Quakers from a Quaker perspective, but it has broad applications in a time in history that social encounters can be anything but peaceful.’

Linda Samek, Provost, George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon, USA, ‘International Journal of Christianity & Education’

'This book is a must-read for anyone who is concerned about the current direction of schooling. It rightly challenges us to ask how education can authentically nurture care, love, trust, equality, justice and spirituality. I have learned much in the past from Quaker thinkers such as Parker Palmer, and the contributors to this scholarly book have now challenged me further to think how we can make the educational system more humane and develop the spiritual qualities that will bring peace to our world.'

Dr Neil Hawkes, Founder, Values-based Education

'Education is a profoundly moral business. Every classroom is saturated with value judgements. For many people in education these days, this is an inconvenient truth. They like to present it as a merely technical matter of getting better grades and promoting national economies. Not, thankfully, for the authors of this timely collection. If we are truly to create a 21st-century education, it will have a heart as well as a mind. And these brave, unfashionable souls will be in the vanguard of that creation.'

Guy Claxton, Visiting Professor of Education, King’s College London

'At a time when the school system is creaking under the weight of targets, audits, and performance indicators, this book provides a different and refreshing vision of education, inspired by the distinctive beliefs of the Quakers and by their long-established but seldom-acknowledged tradition of schooling.'

Richard Pring, Professor Emeritus, Department of Education, University of Oxford

This 'book whets readers’ appetites for practical guidance in relating more humanely with young people.'

Sharlee DiMenichi, Friends Journal