Education for Survival

The pedagogy of compassion

Paperback / softback, 214 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
28 Sep 2020
Trentham Books

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Our survival depends upon creating a compassionate world and an education system that incorporates compassion for self, for others and for the planet. Sixteen authors present a comprehensive analysis of compassion and the political character of pedagogy. Drawing upon new scientific findings about how the brain works and their understanding of the political nature of pedagogy, they offer a scientific, spiritual and educational rationale for curriculum and societal change. The result is this blueprint for survival, illustrated with numerous practical examples.

  • Maurice Irfan Coles

    Maurice Coles worked in education for some fifty years and wrote extensively on school improvement, race equality, intercultural education and CPD.

  • Bill Gent

    Bill Gent was editor of the journal of the National Association of Teachers of RE, and an associate fellow at Warwick University Centre for Education Studies.

Foreword, by Marilyn Turkovich, Director, Charter for Compassion, USA; Preface; Introduction; SECTION ONE: COMPASSION AND PEDAGOGY: 1.1 Riding the crest of a compassionate wave: The horror and the hope; 1.2 From the pedagogy of the oppressed to the pedagogy of compassion; 1.3 Towards a compassionate school system; 1.4 The Compassionate mind and the conflicts between competing and caring: Implications for educating young minds; SECTION TWO: COMPASSION FOR SELF: 2.1 Self compassion; 2.2 Compassion in cyberspace; SECTION THREE: COMPASSION FOR OTHERS: 3.1 Compassionate parenting: Helping to create nurturing family environments; 3.2 Building whole school compassionate approaches to mental health and well-being; SECTION FOUR: COMPASSION FOR PLACE (AND COMMUNITY): 4.1 Compassion in the second city: Made In Birmingham, England; SECTION FIVE: COMPASSION FOR PLANET: 5.1. Education for survival: Compassion for planet; SECTION SIX: BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER: 6.1 Education’s blueprint for survival; Afterword; References; Index

'A book every head or wannabe head should read to bolster their determination to unlock the unique talents of each and every student through the example they set by their own daily behaviour. Assembled by Maurice Irfan Coles assisted by Bill Gent - both tragically taken from us by Covid-19 - the essays range widely, from the entire schooling system to the individual in the school community. If you have any compassion - and who in education has not - you'll find much to inspire you here.'

Sir Tim Brighouse, Creator of the London Challenge

'As society seeks to re-examine its values and priorities, it will find in the words of these educationists a rich and timely source of wisdom and experience. Maurice Coles and Bill Gent were always leaders and encouragers of education rooted in the values of care and compassion, and that gives children the belief and skills to be part of the change for good. The contributors don’t underestimate the courage and determination that will be needed for our approach to education to change but they give us a valuable road-map for the journey.'

Rt. Hon. Baroness Estelle Morris, former Secretary of State for Education