NEET Young People and Training for Work

Learning on the Margins

Paperback / softback, 219 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
30 Sep 2011
Trentham Books Ltd

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The number of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) is rising to alarming levels. Being NEET seriously affects the life chances of many of these young people as they face the possibility of long-term unemployment, isolation and social exclusion. Re-engaging them in training is therefore a priority for policy-makers and practitioners. This book examines the experiences of a group of young people in the post-industrial north of England attending Entry to Employment, a work-based learning programme for those who have been NEET or risk becoming so in the future. It critically appraises the discourse on NEET young people and its social, economic and political context, and it challenges conventional stereotypes of 'the NEETs' as dysfunctional and lacking aspiration. Drawing on a detailed ethnographic study of young people and the practitioners working with them, it explores the complexities and realities of learning on the margins. A key resource for students and academics on higher education courses on youth work, the book provides valuable insights for teachers, youth workers, careers advisers and others working with young people who are concerned with social justice in education.

  • Robin Simmons

  • Ron Thompson

Chapter 1 - Introduction NEET or Not? Individualisation, structural inequality and social reproduction Work-based learning and Entry to Employment Ethnography: a distinctive analytical mentality Researching E2E: an ethnography of work-based learning Outline of the book Chapter 2 - Knowledge, Economy and Social Exclusion Globalisation and social change Education and the neo-liberal state Knowledge, economy and education Employability and labour market returns Individualisation, risk and the state Social exclusion in the UK Widening participation Work, training and welfare Chapter 3 - Sixty Years of Youth Transitions Youth transitions in the post-war era Crisis, change and shifting transitions School to work in the 21st century Conceptualising contemporary transitions Young people, class and social exclusion Chapter 4 - Young People not in Education, Employment or Training Too young and too precious to waste Estimating the numbers of NEET young people Structure of the NEET population Being and becoming: underlying risks of becoming NEET Educational achievement and educational disadvantage Self, family and neighbourhood Educational disaffection Consequences of being NEET Constructing a problem category: the discourse of NEET Cultures of worklessness? NEET and the dynamics of social exclusion Supporting to learn and paying to learn: Connexions and EMA Chapter 5 - Entry to Employment: Young People, Learning and Agency E2E: origins and curriculum structure The E2E curriculum E2E providers and selection of the case-study sites Young people and E2E programmes Learning environments Learning activities Agency, culture and constraint Chapter 6 - The Tutors' Story: Professional practice and pedagogy in E2E Teachers and tutors in further education Biographies of tutors - becoming an E2E practitioner Developing the E2E workforce? Tutors' constructions of E2E learners and learning Working with parents? Chapter 7 - Conclusion: what does research say to policy? NEET discourse and progressive practice Employment, economy and social justice Re thinking learning

The subject matter resonates beyond the current situation in the UK with youth unemployment spiralling to record levels across many comparable advanced democracies. It provides a topical resource for anyone studying or working with young people in post-school transition.

, Studies in the Education of Adults

This book is definitely not superseded by the disturbances ... and will be particularly useful for anyone who works with socially deprived learners - especially the new generation of managers required to make strategies operational - [and] for MPs, Ministers and Civil Servants - Teaching in Lifelong Learning an extremely timely and valuable book.

, Warwick University

"A textured picture of NEET provision for FE teacher educators and for practitioners involved in NEET provision or transition to work ... and important reading for policy makers,"

, Post-16 Educator