First Steps Together

Home-school Early Literacy in European Contexts

Paperback / softback, 160 pages, 145 mm x 228 mm
1 Mar 1994
Trentham Books Ltd

Price: £12.99

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By the time children now in school become adults, European unity will be a reality. In this book readers can see how parents and teachers in Greece, France, Spain and England, with their different cultures and traditions, enter into new kinds of partnership which promote wider understandings of literacy, so that their children may confidently learn to read and write in school. The writers, members of the recently founded European Institute for the Development of the Potentials of All Children (IEDPE), have presented these vignettes as first steps in sharing and explaining to others their common concern about early literacy. By doing so, they offer their readers new insights, strategies and perspectives related to a topic of intense concern in all countries.

  • Margaret Meek Spencer

  • Henrietta Dombey