Before you send us a permission request, please check the references or acknowledgements of the content (text, illustration, table, photograph, or figure) that you wish to reproduce, as UCL IOE Press and Trentham Books may not always be the copyright holder.

You do not always need to request permission from us for short extracts that fall within the concept of ‘Fair Dealing’. Fair Dealing includes:

  • single and continuous prose extracts of up to 400 words;
  • a series of quotations from the same source that totals up to 800 words and where no single extracts exceeds 300 words.

However, even when an extract falls within ‘Fair Dealing’, a full acknowledgement to the book, author/editor, and publishing house should always be included.

Permission is always required for any features such as illustrations, tables, photograph, and figures to be reproduced in their entirety. If modifications are required to these features, please submit both the original and modified feature in your permission request.

Applying for permission

Applying for permission from UCL IOE Press is quick and easy. Please complete our online form, providing as much information as possible to help us expedite your request. Written consent is required to reproduce our content and features. While we aim to respond to permission requests within two weeks of receipt, during exceptionally busy periods it may take longer.

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Payment terms

Reuse of UCL IOE Press and Trentham Books content is arranged on a case-by-case basis. The fee for reuse of our content and features is based on a variety of factors, including publication date, the content, and the context in which it will be used. Once permission is provided, you will receive a confirmation letter in addition to an invoice.

Photocopying, course management systems, and eLearning environments

United Kingdom

Please check the terms of your licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency. If your requirements exceed the terms of your current licence, please contact the Copyright Licensing Agency with your request. However, if you do not have a licence, please send an email outlining your exact requirements to

North America and Rest of World

IOE Press, in partnership with the Copyright Clearance Centre, offers a selection of options for institutions and individuals to reuse our content. To obtain permission please visit and search using either the ISBN or book title.

Foreign Rights

Our books have been translated into languages such as Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, and Russian. Foreign language rights may be licensed for most of our titles.

Each month we send a newsletter to agencies and international publishers with product information and the rights availability of new and forthcoming books. If your organization would like to be added to this list, or if you are interested in buying translation rights and would like to receive a review copy of any of our books, please email us at