Researching Children Researching the World


Paperback / softback, 207 pages, 243 mm x 145 mm
1 Jul 2008
Trentham Books Ltd

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One child approached with her fist clenched, saying 'I've got a story in my hand and I need to get it out'. Children are born equipped with creative capacities: the drive to explore, to hypothesise, to make connections and to communicate. Creativity affects all aspects of children's development. The arts-based research project 5x5x5=creativity is discovering how this creative potential can be supported in children's and adults' lives, in educational settings and in their homes. It began with five artists in five educational settings, and five cultural centres (galleries, theatres, music centres) working in dynamic, multiprofessional and researchful partnership to support young children's creativity. It owes a debt to the creative educational approach of early years' settings in Reggio Emilia in Italy, but has developed its own identity. The book's account of the discoveries over seven years in 55 schools and preschools across five local authorities will whet the appetites of others. Visually exciting, multi-layered and informative, it aims to inspire and transform personal and professional practice in educating children. The book considers the philosophical framework, based on valuing children as competent creative learners; the context and history of the approach; case studies and the stories of adults and children about transformative learning; the practical framework of the collaborative researchful practice; integrated working in partnerships. "Researching Children Researching the World" will appeal to a wide readership among teachers, preschool workers, artists, colleagues in cultural centres, researchers, managers, advisors, policy makers, parents and older students in schools and colleges. It is an important text for those studying for Foundation degrees, B.Ed, PGCE, Masters programmes, NVQ. There is a dearth of material for artists working in educational settings and this book offers valuable information to museums, galleries, and theatres.

  • Susi Bancroft

  • Mary Fawcett

  • Penny Hay

CONTENTS: Acknowledgements; Preface; Authors; Contributors; Introduction; 1. Our philosophical framework; 2. The wider context; 3. Making 5x5x5=creativity work: The invisible framework: The role of documentation; Creative and reflective cycle; Collaboration and partnership; The role of the mentor in 5x5x5=creativity; Evaluation and research; Professional development; 4. 5x5x5=creativity in practice: Case studies: Kinder Garden Nursery; Twerton Infant School; St Saviour's Nursery and Infant School; John: A child study; Learning stories: Freshfield Primary School; Bishop Henderson Primary School; The Big Square at Footprints Children's Centre; Three Ways Special School; Lines of enquiry: Learning dispositions; Fantasy play; The outdoors; Musical intelligences; Creative digital technologies; 5. Perspectives in 5x5x5=creativity: Educators' perspectives' Parents' perspectives; 6. Artists in 5x5x5=creativity: The role of the artist in 5x5x5=creativity; AND (Artists Network Development); An artist's journal; 7. Cultural centres and 5x5x5=creativity; 8. 5x5x5=creativity: Our learning, our legacy; References; Index.

"This book is comprehensive, clear and logically presented. It contains a lot of extremely interesting contextual information which will be of value to a wide range of readers including early years practitioners, teachers, advisory staff, students and parents, and provides useful information for staff within museums, galleries and theatres."

, Early Years Update

"This interesting book will have wide appeal to those interested in children, learning, creativity and the arts. ...In the context of managerialism and productivity agendas in education, this book presents a robust alternative [in the form of] education that recognises children's rights as learners."

, Early Years