Creativity, Education and Society

Writings of Anna Craft

Paperback / softback, 258 pages, 234 mm x 156 mm
10 Oct 2015
Trentham Books

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This engaging book offers an overview of the work of Professor Anna Craft, an international authority on creativity in education. Anna held concurrent chairs at the Open University and the University of Exeter, and for several years was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. She died of cancer in 2014, aged 52.

In over a hundred publications Anna developed her concept of 'possibility thinking', the ability that allows us to transform what is to what might be. And in exploring the notion of 'everyday creativity' she devised classroom and policy strategies to foster the development of a problem-solving approach across the school curriculum from the earliest years of schooling – an ability she considered a fundamental requirement in today's complex and fast-changing societies.

In this memorial volume Anna’s close colleagues Kerry Chappell, Teresa Cremin and Bob Jeffrey have chosen ten of her key writings on five themes that illustrate the development of her innovative ideas:

• The nature of creative teaching and learning
• Possibility thinking
• Creativity and education professionals
• Creativity, wisdom and ethics
• Creativity and education futures

  • Anna Craft

    Anna Craft was Professor of Education at the Open University and the University of Exeter, where she held concurrent chairs. She was a graduate of the University of Cambridge and the Institute of Education, University of London. Her career spanned primary school teacher, polytechnic lecturer, National Curriculum Council researcher, and for four years she was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University.

  • Kerry Chappell

  • Teresa Cremin

  • Bob Jeffrey

CONTENTS: Foreword, by Simon Craft-Stanley; Preface, by Maurice and Alma Craft; Introduction, by Kerry Chappell, Teresa Cremin and Bob Jeffrey; Sources and acknowledgements;THEME ONE, The Nature of Creative Teaching and Learning: 1. Learner inclusiveness for creative learning (2004) by Anna Craft and Bob Jeffrey; 2. Creative primary schools: developing and maintaining pedagogy for creativity (2014) by Anna Craft, Teresa Cremin, Penny Hay and Jim Clack. THEME TWO, Possibility Thinking: 3. Little c creativity (2001) by Anna Craft; 4. Possibility Thinking: from what is to what might be (2014) by Anna Craft. THEME THREE, Creativity and Education Professionals: 5. Identity and creativity: Educating teachers for postmodernism? (1997) by Anna Craft; 6. Reflective creative partnerships as ‘meddling in the middle’: developing practice (2012) by Anna Craft, Kerry Chappell, Linda Rolfe and Veronica Jobbins. THEME FOUR: Creativity, Wisdom and Ethics: 7. Fostering creativity with wisdom (2006) by Anna Craft; 8. Nurturing creativity, wisdom and trusteeship in education: A collective debate (2008) by Anna Craft, Howard Gardner and Guy Claxton. THEME FIVE, Creativity and Education Futures: 9. Fostering creativity in the primary classroom (2000) by Anna Craft; 10. Co-creating educational futures? (2011) by Anna Craft. IN MEMORY OF ANNA CRAFT (1961–2014): Obituaries and tributes; Published work.

'Professor Craft’s contributions to scholarship and to practice were notable, and she deserves much of the credit for reinvigorating the study and understanding of creativity and play in young children … It is appropriate to issue a synthesizing volume like this... the best chance for building on Anna Craft’s significant and wide-ranging contributions.'

Professor Howard Gardner, Harvard University

'In this insightful and illuminating collection, we are taken on a unique and compelling journey through the groundbreaking work of the late Professor Anna Craft, an international authority in the field of creativity and education whose voice and vibrancy, passion and “possibility thinking” continue to inspire and allow us to transform “what is” into “what might be”.’

Pamela Burnard, Professor of Arts, Creativities and Education, University of Cambridge